Top 6 Recap (Playing for Regular Season Championship and seeding for Play-Offs)

Waynesborough-1 traveled down to Greenville looking for its 8th consecutive win. Things looked good for the Way1 squad as Simon had to pull out after winning the first set with an injury. Little did everyone know that on Courts 2 and 4 a double drubbing was going on with Waynesborough on the receiving side. Ben “I will never miss a shot today” Zink and Shaw Taylor won all three sets over Jim Ryan and Keith Studnick. On Court 4, Marks Centrella and Manning took all three over Tommy McAvoy and Tom Safford. Waynesborough continued its streak on Court 3 as Hammering Hank Oberly and Paul Ridder laid a beating on Mike Fleming and Dana Walker to even the match at two courts each. When all was said and done, almost no one would have guessed that Greenville won in sets 7-5, but it did happen, and that is why you play these matches.

In another battle of the top 6, Wallingford edged out Aronimink with Wallingford winning on courts 1,2, and 4. On court 4, Wallingford’s team of Ray Jonston and Ken Crowther took all three tie-breaker sets over Gerry Farley and Jeff Jansen to seal the victory and move Wallingford only 3 points out of first place. Aronimink takes on Waynesbrough next week and Wallingford plays Philly Country. On Court 2, Tim Brooke and Mike McGrath took down Drew Friel and Brendan Kirk who had not lost on court 2 since October 2010.

P-Country wins their fifth consecutive match of the season defeating Martins-1 in a score of 3 courts to 1. The Nowlans pulled out a third set tie-breaker by a score of 7-5 over the former undefeated team of Scott Falatek and Greg Frigerio. Greg Donches and Dan “Mr. Pickleball” Wheeler win their seventh consecutive match this week on the two court over Andrew Hocker and Clay Hardon.

Top 6 Standings after 12 weeks (4 Weeks to go)
Wanesborough – 22 Points (Aronimink next week)
Wallingford – 19 Points (P-Country next week)
Martins-1 – 16 Points (Greenville next week)
P-Country – 16 Points (Wallingford next week)
Greenville – 16 Points (Martins-1 next week)
Aronimink – 15 Points (Waynesborough – next week)

Bottom 6 Recap (Playing for staying out of the bottom 2 for next Season)

Philadelphia Cricket brings out all of their ammo to take down Overbrook and secure their first win of 2012. Steve Hall and Andrew Thomson were the sole winners for Overbrook on Court 2 defeating Tom Harris and Jeff Rexford. The win puts P-Cricket in a tie with Overbrook for the all important 9th and 10th places.

Merion traveled down to Vic Mead and earns their first victory of 2012 but not before Vic Mead secures a point losing a tie breaker of sets. Vic Mead is going to have to pull out 3 of their last five matches to avoid relegation for next season.

Martins-2 also traveled south this week and defeated Kennett in a tie-breaker of sets. Brian Felter and Tom O’Neill took down the formerly undefeated duo of Brian Aguilar and Jerry “Loving Me, Loving You” Beirne.

Bottom 6 Standings after 12 weeks (4 Weeks to go)

Merion – 14 Points (Kennett – Next Week)
Martins-2 – 13 Points (P-Cricket – Next Week)
P-Cricket – 11 Points (Martins-2 Next Week)
Overbrook – 11 Points (Vic Mead – Next week)
Kennett – 9 Points (Merion – Next Week)
Vic Mead – 5 Points (Overbrook – next week)

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