Last weekend was the Premier Cup. Today was the turn of the Atlantic Classic. Drew Broderick and Chris Gambino are determined to win every tournament they play. The face-off in the final was against APTA’s #1 Scott Estes and APTA’s #17 Nathan LeFevre, who joined were playing for the first time together in an official National Tournament.

The first set went for the “home team.” Tournament Director Broderick and partner Gambino pulled off the longest set of the weekend when they won the tie-breaker. After ninety minutes of play, only one set was over. Broderick-Gambino will then relax and finish with a 6-2 win in the second set.

The main draw at Essex Fells Country Club had one of the strongest draws ever for tournaments played in October. The new warming hut (with a rock band included) was the perfect setting to watch the quarter finals. The top teams that made it that far were the following: Broderick-Gambino vs Cochrane-Moore, DeRose-Lubow vs Cosimano-Haller, Arraya-Stulac vs Estes-LeFevre, and DuRandt-Porter vs Caldwell-Cordish. Could those be the match-ups in Long Island for the 2012 Nationals? Maybe.

On their way to the final, Estes-LeFevre took down Arraya-Stulac in the quarterfinals and APTA’s #6 DuRandt-Porter in the semis. Although Scott and Nathan never played together in competition before, they beat two great teams in a convincing manner (AND) without dropping a set. 6-3, 7-5 vs Arraya-Stulac and 6-2, 7-5 vs DuRandt-Porter.

Broderick-Gambino did not dropped a set in the entire tournament either. They beat Michael Cochrane and Drew’s old partner, Guy Moore, in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals they defeated New Jersey’s own Steve DeRose and Jon Lubow by 7-6, 6-2. Will the Sound Shore Invitational be their next title? We don’t know yet but if they play this “prize money” tournament, they will certainly be the team to beat.

Other finals include:

  • Quarters Reprieve – Arraya-Stulac def. Cosimano-Haller DEFAULT
  • Reprieve – Falatek-Najdek def. Bredberg-Wilkinson No Score Recorded
  • Consolation – Doskarayev-Fischl def. Catter-Spyratos 4-6, 7-5, (7-4)
  • Consolation Reprieve – Bostrom-Ferrin def. Shallcross-Ucko 6-3, 7-6

For full draw details click here.

Broderick-Gambino dominate Premier Cup
Delaney-Delmonico win Atlantic Classic

Patricio Misitrano