With close to 1,000 paddlers playing every weekend, the Fairfield County Platform Tennis League (FCPTL) gets ready to kick-off the season next Saturday. How do they do it? This morning they gathered the captains of all 84 teams for a 7:30am breakfast held at the Woodway Country Club, located in Darien, CT and explained the new rule changes, promoted the league and local tournaments such as the Patterson Club Open, the Eastern State Singles, and the Connecticut State Mixed.

As FCPTL President Scott Smith said with a chuckle:

free breakfast gets everyone to come to the meeting.

The FCPTL consists of 7 division of 12 teams each. At the end of each division’s round robin the team with the most wins/points is crown as the League Champion. The FCPTL has the honor of being home to the largest one-day tournament in the country, even bigger than Nationals! Scheduled for February 4th, 2012, the tournament is played in seven different locations by 224 players every year, and is all done in one day.

The icing on the cake came at the end. After Scott Smith finished his presentation, a woman took the floor: Wilson Sales Representative, Sarah Maynard. Sarah displayed the new line of Wilson Gator Grit paddles. The new cosmetics looked great but captains were impressed by the new Blitz High and Blitz Low paddle. Why? Because they come with a bottle opener at the bottom of the grip! To learn more about Wilson products click here.

Big time paddle begins: The Patterson Club Open kicks it in
Amazing display of paddle at the Patterson Club Open

Patricio Misitrano