We are only six days away from President’s Cup but only five days away from what some people call “the best night in paddle.” What are they referreing to? The Chicago Platform Tennis League Finals!This coming Wednesday evening approximately 1,500-2,000 people will be in attendance for the CPTC Series 1 Finals. The evening begins with all 21 Chicago series play their final in the area, with Glenview Golf Club being main site. Series 3 through 21 (18 series in total) will play a dual match (4 courts of doubles).  Each match is worth 3 points if you win.  If you lose but win a set you get 1 point for your team.  Add up the points and you have a winner.  All these matches will begin at 6:00PM on Wednesday and all 4 courts play at the same time around the Glenview area.Series 2’s final match is at Glenview Golf Club and starts at 7:00PM, then as courts open the Series 1 match begins, approximately at 8:00PM.  This allows for all matches to have the ability to finish and then go to Glenview Golf Club for winners prize pick up, beer and burgers and to watch the top series (Series I) compete.Players participating in Series 1 include many of the top players in the country, such as Alex Bancila, Peter Berka, Drew Eberly, Scott Mansager, Mike Marino, Brian Uihlein, Scott Bondurant, Mark Johnson, Ben McKnight, Peter Rose, Dane Schmidgall, and David Ohlmuller just to name a few.Can anyone argue that CPTC Finals it is not the best night in paddle?

Bobo, not so Dumbo
Region 5 dominates President's Cup play

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