After a very long day of paddle, both the Women’s and Men’s Region 5 teams won the President’s Cup and started off the weekend great for the Chi-town teams.On the men’s side, the defending champions Region 5 went into their last round with a two-points lead over Region 2. Region 1 already had no chances to claim the title as they were 6 points behind the leader. The locals pulled it off once again and took the three points they needed to win P-Cup for second year in a row. Region 1 took their last five points versus Region 7 and finished in second place.On the women’s side, it was more of the same. Region 5 took first place while Region 1 came up short and also finished second. The women’s title now moves from Region 1 to Region 5.Great way to start the 2011 Nationals. Women’s draw started this morning while the Men’s draw will begin in the afternoon.

The best night in paddle
Nationals Day 2: big upsets and former Champions still alive

Patricio Misitrano