The CEO of the United States Professional Tennis Association John Embree announced yesterday the incorporation of the Professional Platform Tennis Association into the USPTA. In an email to USPTA members, Embree said that “after careful consideration, the PPTA membership determined that since its mission is to promote and grow the standards of the Professional Platform Tennis Association, its members would be best served by combining with the larger USPTA organization. The PPTA has voted to dissolve and its assets, programs, certification process and mission will be borne by the USPTA. The USPTA will assist with administrative functions and handle certification and education responsibilities for platform tennis-teaching professionals.”

Talks between the PPTA and the USPTA began about two years ago under the guidance of former APTA President Rob Coster, PPTA President Brad Easterbrook and the USPTA.

In yesterday’s announcement it was made clear that platform tennis professionals will become a separately tested and certified membership category under the USPTA umbrella. All professionals who become certified in platform tennis will receive all of the same benefits and pay the same annual dues as current USPTA-certified tennis professionals.

Embree also added that “with so many facilities where USPTA Professionals teach offering platform tennis, there is an increasing need for professionals who are certified in the sport. The steady growth in this game provides USPTA Professionals who become certified in platform tennis more job and business opportunities.”

More information will be release in the coming months.

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