With only a handful of tournament left in the season and all big tournaments already in the past, the latest Men’s National Ranking came out yesterday. Why is this ranking so important? Because the seeding for Nationals depends directly on ranking points.

What’s new at the top? du Randt-Parsons are still #1 but (after their win at Short Hills) Steve Derose and Jon Lubow (paddle commentator in his spare time) surpassed Broderick-Gambino and got closer to the 2013 nationals champs. Anything else in the top 10? Yes, Arraya-Bancila moved up to the top 5, which will technically will give them a top 4 seed for Nationals due to Jonason not playing in Pittsburgh this year. Unless Cosimano-LeFevre can win at Lehigh again, they will drop from the #6 spot, their highest since they started playing together.

The top 10 has four more teams that are still fighting to clinch a 5-8 seeding at Nationals: Grangeiro-Wilkinson, currently #7 but have pretty much secured the 5-6 spot seed at Nationals; Cochrane-Estes will depend on what Cosimano-LeFevre do at Lehigh (if they play it); Falatek-Najdek are in the 7-8 spot for now unless anything crazy happens.

Two teams in the next group, 9-12, will not be playing together at Nationals: #11 Eberle-Uihlein and #12 Mavrin-Misitrano. 
There are a couple of teams that could make a jump and get into this group if the compete, either in Lehigh or Indianapolis, the two NRTs to be played right before Nationals. LePivert-Stulac, Bostrom-Bredberg. Two other teams, Johnson-Schmigdall and Kahler-Riva have secured the 9-12 spot for Nationals and could also get really close to the #8 spot if they play any of these two tourney and win it.

Click HERE to access the full rankings. For the ones who don’t know how the APTA Men’s ranking works, click HERE to learn more. Although seeding for all NRTs follows the same criteria, at Nationals things change a bit. How do they work? Stay tuned as the APTA may released more info about this soon.

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