2013_Mixed_Nationals_Caldwell_MainWe are very sad to inform that the 2013 APTA Mixed Nationals Champion David Caldwell has retired and will not be participating in the 2014 APTA Greenwich Mixed Nationals. His 2013 partner Aila Main has also confirmed that she will miss the event too.

Aila Main: “We know that it will be an amazing tournament. We are so sorry to miss it”!

None of the 2013 semifinalists have signed up nor confirmed their participation so the field looks wide open. Will the big boys/girls make it to Greenwich? Maybe yes, maybe not. One thing is for sure: A LOT of local “club” players have already signed up and spaces will be scarce very soon!

Want to learn more about the 2014 APTA Greenwich Mixed Nationals? Click HERE to access the tournament page.


FCPTL Week 9 - Crunch Time
Week 10 is in the books and 1 week to go before the SPLIT!

Patricio Misitrano