MAPTA_Ben_FranklinAronimink makes it two for two as this week they traveled down to Kennett and took courts 2 – 4. That’s the second week in a row that Aronimink dropped court 1 but still won the match with Sorrentino pairing this week with Gerry Farley. Its anyone’s guess who is going to be on court 1 next week as Aronimink takes on Greenville.

Waynesborough bounced back from their loss last week and took all four courts from Merion who has only mustered up a single court won this season. Waynesborough featured very special court 2 line up with Tim “Mr. Hall of Fame of Everything” McAvoy and Jim “Court 4 specialist” Ryan dropping only 2 games in their three sets. Noticeably, no Saffords’ were in attendance in last night’s match. “It appears that for some very odd reason, this team comes together when I have a conflict with a given Thursday night and play some of their best paddle of the season, heck even McCabe is 2-0 this season.” Some WCC Members are now calling Studs the “McCabe whisperer”. Merion needs to pick up a point or two fast and they have no easy schedule next week, as they take on Martins Dam1.

Wallingford also starts out their season 2-0 as they swept all four courts from Vic Mead. Vic Mead is 0 for 8 in the courts department and now also has to face Waynesborough next week. Rumor has it that Vic Mead ran out of cold refreshments this week. Upon hearing this predicament, Captain Safford stated “if we have to, we will bring our own; half the reason we play this sport is to hang with the boys and have a few cold ones”.

Overbrook gets its first win of the season, as they take three courts off of Greenville. Grenville has yet to gain a point this season and they have Aronimink next week before the Halloween break. Overbrook hosts the undefeated H-Valley which should be a great match up as both teams strengths appear to be on courts 1&2 this season.

P-Cricket also remains undefeated as they take down Martins 1 in a tie breaker of sets. Newly recruited Mike Reckmeyer teamed upon court 1 with Scott “Mr. MAPTA” Falatek to defeat the always tough team of Hyde and Redpath. Next up for P-Cricket is another trip to Martins Dam to take on MD2. By all counts P-Cricket should have a legitimate shot of being a Top 6 team at the split and they can’t wait to show off their new mega-hut upon completion.

H-Valley is our fourth undefeated team after 2 weeks as they took 3 courts off of MD2 this week. H-Valley will have another test of their squads talents as they take on Overbook next week.

The Men’s MAPTA league is now serving up a new feature in the messages section of the website called “What’s’ on Tap?” It will show what the clubs are currently serving in their huts as for many players this of the utmost importance even more than the score. We will update the chart upon notification of a change in the cold beverages being offered.

For those that never look at the league calendar, the Thursday night matches are off for Halloween and we will resume league play the following week. The full league calendar is also on the website as well including the yearend championship league tournaments.

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