FCPTL_LogoFairfield County is, without a doubt, the fastest growing platform tennis area in the country. With almost a dozen paddle leagues, the largest number of paddle professionals certified in the last three years and the birth of two paddle websites within the last two years (paddleplayer.com; paddletimes.com), the FCPTL may now be taking another step forward in the number 1 paddle county in the country: league expansion.

The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League Board met on Tuesday night and discussed, among many things, the possibility of expanding the league, extending the season and adding the many teams in the waiting list. Actually, they started by playing a pickup game that saw Scott Smith (NCFC), Greg Brasher (Rowayton), Ron Gayda (Wilton Y) and Steve Larson (Middlesex) in a battle that featured some great points and some unorthodox play. They played five sets and switched partner a few times. The player who lost all five sets will remain nameless (for now) but was clearly the one who the most potential for improvement.

Currently the league has seven division with twelve teams in each. The two main ideas discussed last night were the addition of more teams and extending the length of the season. Is there anything set in stone? Not yet but we will probably have news soon.

If your club or organization is interested in joining the FCPTL or adding more teams just click HERE to get in touch with the Board.

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