Ana_Viki_Nationals_TrophyIt was about time that a new team would make a statement and win Nationals. In the last 13 year only four teams won Nationals and one of them (Delmonico-Main in 2005), only won it once. Maybe 2013 is the year where things change. That is what Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova had in mind and showed everyone why they are the new face of women’s paddle!

Viki and Ana have been playing together for only two seasons and they are both relatively new to the sport. Viki has been playing tournaments for only three years while Ana has been playing tournaments for just over five years. On their way to the final, they defeated multiple nationals champions Lauren Zink and Cindy Prendergast in the quarters, Kerith Flynn and Sue Tarzian in the semis, and today they overcame Mary Doten and Chelsea Nusslock.

In the final, Doten-Nusslock had a set point at 5-4 but that is when Viki and Ana took over. They came back to win the set and then won 9 out of the last 11 games of the match. Very consistent lobs and precise drives were too much for Doten-Nusslock. Stoklasova took every short ball and drove the ball beautifully while Brzova’s lobs were almost perfect and covered the back court errorless.

Viki and Ana are also the new #1 team in the country. They are on top of the game now… and if more teams are looking to copy their style the sport can only get better.

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