The D1’ers once again had some great weather conditions for their matches this week and skirted some major rain storms by a few hours. At the end of the night, 5 teams still remain undefeated, while 5 others are still looking for their first win.

This week, Captain Tom sent only six players to Greenville forfeiting the fourth court. Tom stated “We had a few guys tied up with work related activities and another with a dance recital”, which allowed me to give Greenville a fighting chance. I have always felt that it was unfair for WCC to play all four courts when we can get the job done with just 3!” His plans at first looked like they were going to haunt him as Simon and Todd came out strong on court 1 and built up a 5-1 lead in the first set off of Vlatko and Paul “I only lost once last year” Ridder. Unfortunately for the Greenville squad, V & P pulled off a terrific comeback in the first set and took the final two sets as well. Courts 2 and 3 also went WCC’s way as they did not drop a set in the process, making Captain Tom look like a genius. Next up for WCC is Picket Post who is coming off their first well earned point in the league, can they make it 2?

Picket Post earned their first point off of Martins-1 last night in which can only be called one of the largest upsets of the season to date. On Court 1, newly recruited Tom McAvoy and David Hissey took down the Goliaths Scott Falatek and Roger Korfmann in straight sets. For those keeping track, that gives Scott and Roger their second loss of the season. It usually takes about 15 weeks for Scott to lose 2 matches in a season so all eyes are on whether there will be a new monkey in the cage in upcoming weeks. Aguilar and Donches pulled out a crucial third set over Parson and MacFarland to seal the two points for Martins-1. Congratulations to PP on their first point. Captain Rob after the match stated “I was very proud of my squad today. All of the hard work at practice and the introduction of Tom and Dave to the squad is what made this happen. If the season ended today, we would still be running with the big dogs next season and I look forward to taking down Waynesborough next week.”

Martins-2 won their second match in a row over P-Cricket who lost their first two matches of the season. Captain Dan’s squad took advantage over the injury riddled Cricket squad and took 3 of the four courts. On the bright side, P-Crickets J.J. and Ted Manges dropped their first set on court 2 to Siegfried and Packer but then turned around and won the final two sets. Captain is very excited about his 2-0 start to the season, “I have learned the hard way that every point counts in this league, any way you can take it.”

Merion is on a roll as they win their second match over a winless P-Country. Chas and Jeff Lyon won the first two sets in tie-breakers before dropping the third over Hocker and Pat Nowlan. On Court 4, Norm and Joe Williamson secured the only court for the night over Tim Kent and Chad Morrow. Merion’s wins now over P-Country and P-Cricket make them look like legitimate contenders for a Top-6 finish and P-Country should be fine once Pat Jr. makes his way back to the paddle courts.

Wallingford switched up the line-ups with great results as they swept the H-Valley team, leaving H-Valley looking for their first win while Wallingford is undefeated. Wallingford Paired up M&M on court one in which they were able to secure all three sets over Trip and Rodney in a very tightly contested match. Court 2 was also a battle as Sean and Chris took the first set off of Shrager and Brooke but then dropped the next two sets. Peichel and Mashek won court 3 while Crowther and Brennan took court 4 for Wallingford. Next week’s matchups between Aronimink and Wallinford will knock one more team out of the undefeated category.
Although the scores have not been posted, Aronimink won in a contest of games over Overbrook last night.

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