The Eastern States Singles is the only singles tournament in the country that provides points to the National Ranking. As of today, entries are available on Click HERE to signup.

Past Champions include players such as Mark Parsons, Juan Arraya, Bob Kleinert, Scott Staniar, Rusty Wright, and Enrique Catter among others. Players such as Michael Cochrane, Mike Gillespie, Nathan LeFevre, Sebastian Bredberg, Anthony Cosimano, and David Ohlmuller have also participated but come up short in the final match.

Why should you play?

  1. Reason #1 is to stop receiving Tournament Director Roger Knight’s emails.
  2. Reason #2 is to stop receiving Tournament Director Roger Knight’s emails. Yes, he will keep sending you more crazy emails.
  3. Reason #3 is a lot of fun!

To learn more about the tourney click HERE.

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