The Essex Platform Tennis Club will host their 4th Shoreline Men’s “C” Tournament this coming October 21st. This “C” Tournament was designed with the hope to provide competitive paddle for the next tier of players and help them catch the bug of playing in a tournament with players at the same level.

Why should you play the Shoreline “C”? Because it will be a fun day for new players to the game who have not caught tournament fever yet. Also, league players who are mid-level B players will be welcome. Tournament Director Hugh Duffy is trying to attract players that will struggle at the Patterson B level but still want competitive play.

Duffy talked to PaddleTimes and explained how the “C” tourney idea came up,

The hope is that other clubs and regions will create tournaments for players who love the game but aren’t really good enough to compete in a full draw B tournament.”

The tournament was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 20th but was later moved to Sunday, October 21st to attract players from Fairfield County.

To learn more about the Shoreline “C” and how to signup just click HERE.


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