It seems like the Nationals will be finally be heading to Fairfield County (in 2016) and Region 2 is already planning.

A few days ago, the nominated APTA President, Rob Coster, the new President of Region 2, Mark Parsons, together with paddle renaissance man Steve Cacaam organized a meeting with some key people from the area.

Steve Cacaam, who played MC and host, told PaddleTimes why he decided to run the event,

Paul Fowler was the first one to give me the idea about 5 or 6 years ago. The thought was simply to have an informal get-together with some of the local tournament directors, area teaching pros, and representatives from the various leagues where they could begin to form some kind of dialogue and working relationship between each other.”

Some of the topics they discussed included the APTA Nationals coming to Fairfield County, the new league website that will be available for free and the Patterson Open NRT/PCQ expanding to include women.

Among the thirty attendees gathered at the Waveny Lodge, the “hut” adjacent to the four public platform tennis courts in Waveny Park in New Canaan, there was a nice cross-section of the local paddle scene: FCPTL President Scott Smith plus four FCPTL Board members, #1 ranked women’s players and local pros Amy Shay and Cynthia Dardis, New Canaan league commissioners Mike Frankenfield and Sharon Stevenson and also many area teaching pros including Gary Squires, Mike Gillespie, Connie Jones, Sebastian Bredberg, George Wilkinson, Marco Grangeiro, Guga Goncalves, and Boie Bogardus.

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