The long awaited and anticipated”Winner Take All, $1K” Sleepy Hollow Men’s Paddle Invitational was finally staged April 14th at Sleepy Hollow CC. The tourney featured some of today’s best known male stars of the game such as Johan Du Randt, Mark Parsons, Juan Arraya, Brad Easterbrook, Mike Gillespie, Max LePivert, Anton Mavrin, and Sebastian Bredberg among other.

What made this particular gathering so special was the “marrying” of the NEW Viking Low Bounce Ball with Red Zone Paddle itself- from all accounts, it worked to perfection. This new ball is ideal for an extended season, well into summer and warm days ahead, with or without Red Zone Paddle, as we all know, the regular ball is much too lively anything over 55 degrees.

All Red Zone Paddle matches are two sets with a match tie-break instead of a third set when needed. The always sponsored Red Zone Paddle professional tournaments provides prize money and no entry fees for players. Tournament’s primary purposes are the enhanced spectator experience with much greater spot light on the nationally ranked tournament players themselves.

Sumptuous lunches, tournament favors etc. with travel expenses for players, will always be the staple of these most exciting gatherings of the best talent in the land. The Red Zone Paddle Tournament’s main sponsors were FIC Capital,L.M.Waterhouse Co., Inc., and the Thomas E Hales Foundation.

In one semis, Arraya-Easterbrook bested Mavrin-Bredberg 6-3, 6-2 while Du Randt-Parsons defeated Gillespie-LePivert 6-4, 6-3 in the bottom semis. In the finals Du Randt-Parsons prevailed over Arraya-Easterbrook by 6-3, 7-6 (3) for the $1K purse.

The creator of Red Zone Paddle and organizer of this tournament Bertan Cikigil commented:

we are indeed grateful to have these fantastic racquets men, with their fantastic past and present backgrounds, enter the event. These guys have had ATP world rankings, Davis Cup participation etc..WOW!”

Bertan and the sponsors feel that now that there is a “road map” for perhaps a player run mini tour, spectator appeal will for sure be there at other parts of the country watching the very best play, exciting shorter lasting points, invariably ending with a winner; resulting in big cheers and big roars and cow bells.

You want to see what Red Zone Paddle looks like simply click here.

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