Unlike USTA’s Tennis rating or Handicap in golf, there is very little that Paddle offers to the weekend warrior. Hugh Duffy and his Connecticut Shoreline Men’s C Tournament will give you the chance to go home with the hardware. Actually, their goal is to attract players who are relatively new to the game of Paddle but are not skilled enough to do well in a “B” tournament. Cool, uh!

Duffy hopes to attract those players who struggle in a large B tournament and do not care to bruise their ego by playing a “C” level tourney.

Nobody is willing to call themselves a “C” player… And yet, many realize that playing in a “B” tournament means a quick entry into the Consolation and Reprieve brackets, says Duffy.

The tournament is being held for the third year in a row in less than three weeks. February 25th is the date. To learn more about the Connecticut Shoreline “C” and how to sign up click here.

Chutes and ladders - FCPTL’s Final Standings
The Philly D1 boys have played 13; 3 to go

Patricio Misitrano