Back in November Enrique Catter won the Eastern Singles (also know as the de facto Singles Nationals). He reached the semifinals of the last two editions but was not able to get past that round. In 2011 things were different and Catter beat Marco Grangeiro in the semis to later defeat Sebastian Bredberg in the final.

After Roger Knight released the new National Singles Ranking, he also moved up to the top spot in the Singles APTA Ranking.

The top 15 players in the Ranking are as follows:

1. Enrique Catter  (91.83)
2. Sebastian Bredberg (72.87)
3. Ben Stein (64.83)
4. Marco Grangeiro (60.00)
5. Andrea Bonfigli (42.00)
6T. Michael Montalbano (39.00)
6T. Gerasimos Spyratos (39.00)
8T. Joe Fitzsimons (36.00)
8T. Marcel Lima (36.00)
8T. Tom Kratky (36.00)
11T. Nick Bergman (32.30)
11T. Varun Vasudeva (32.30)
13. Alan Cosby (30.80)
14. Dusty Nelson (30.00)
15. Cole Barris (27.00)


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