With only one NRT left to be played in January, Region 2 looks to a strong finish to their rejuvenated and bigger region when the New England Open kicks-off tomorrow morning in Manchester, Massachusetts.

For a non NRT tourney, this is probably  one of the strongest competitions in the calendar. Johan DuRandt, champion in Long Island, and Jeff Morneau, champion in West Hartford, will be both participating in this President Cup Qualifier tournament. Check out the draw here.

A lot of the players participating in the New England Open will be looking o qualify for the President’s Cup Team. After the Connecticut States, Region 2 P-Cup Captain Alex Seiler recently released the standings and top players with good chances to make the team are as follows:

1. Jeff Morneau (39)
2. Mike Fried (27)
2. Rob Pierce (27)
3. Alex Seiler (26)
5. Johan DuRandt (22)
5. Patricio Misitrano (22)
7. Karl Gregor (21)
8. Karl Levanat (20)
9. Lennart Jonason (17)
9. Brad Easterbrook (17)
11. Steve Godiksen (14)
12. Paul Fairchild (13)
13. Matt Porter (12)
13. Geoff Cartier (12)
13. Juan Arraya (12)
13. Mike Gillespie (12)
13. Michael Cochrane (12)
13. Jared Palmer (12)
19. Leo Power (9)
19. Todd Hiscox (9)

FCPTL heads into the homestretch
Want to win a tournament? Pick Johan Du Randt as your partner!

Patricio Misitrano