After reaching the final at the Long Island Invitational this past Friday and the final at the Connecticut Classic two weeks earlier, Lisa Rudloff and Liz Jaffe reach the number one spot in the APTA ranking for the first time.

Lisa and Liz moved from #9 to the top of the standings and are considered like one of the teams to beat in the second half of the season. They will be looking forward to Nationals in March where they will play in their own backyard. Lisa works at the Huntington Country Club, where the finals will be held.

A new team made it for the first time to the top 10: Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova. Ana and Viki started playing together this year and have had great success so far this season and there is nothing to stop them from continue moving even higher.

  1. Liz Jaffe – Lisa Rudloff
  2. Cynthia Dardis – Amy Shay
  3. Kerri Flynn – Susan Tarzian
  4. Heather Prop – Lynn Schneebeck
  5. Andrea Noyes – Judy Takach
  6. Sally Cottinghan – Liz Hayward
  7. Lauren Mandell – Gerri Viant
  8. Bobo Delaney – Tonia Mangan
  9. Susan Lemery – Marina Ohlmuller
  10. Ana Brzova – Viki Stoklasova
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