Just hours before the 2011 Eastern States Singles Championship begins, Tournament Director Roger Knight gave to PaddleTimes the scoop and announced the preliminary APTA Platform Tennis Singles National Rankings. The one thing we know for sure is that a new champion will be crowned. Two-time defending champion Mark Parsons and two-time runner-up Mike Cochrane will not be taking place of the Singles this time.

Without Parsons and Cochrane who has the edge and is the favorite to win? Without a doubt is Enrique Catter. Peruvian born Catter reached the semifinals in 2010 and 2009 and looks like the player to beat this year. However, there are two young players that could easily be on Sundays finals: Sebastian Bredberg and George Wilkinson. As of today the preliminary APTA Men’s Singles Rankings are as follows:

1. Mark Parsons (CT) 89.1
2. Mike Cochrane (CT) 71.3
3. Enrique Catter (CT) 57.0
4. Ben Stein (NY) 48.0
5. Nick Bergman (CT) 46.9
6T. Sebastian Bredberg (CT) 39.0
6T. Mike McCann (NY) 39.0
6T. Zeljko Knezevic (CT) 39.0
9. Varun Vasudeva (CT) 37.5
10. Tom Kratky (CT) 35.6
11. Alan Cosby (CT) 34.3
12. Cory Grad (NY) 27.0
13T. Scott Staniar (MA) 24.0
13T. Peter Spizzirri (CT) 24.0
13T. Tyler Kratky (CT) 24.0
13T. Gerasimos Spyratos (NY) 24.0

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