Probably the highlight of the meeting held by the APTA Board of Directors this last weekend was the fact that the very attractive and appealing Fairfield County is now part of Region 2. Just to give you an idea of how important this change is, 3 of the top 3 teams in the country on the men’s side and 1 of the top 2 teams on the women’s side have players who live in Fairfield County.

What does this change mean for the paddle world? First of all, the schedule of NRTs is being tweaked to accomodate the now much stronger Region 2. One of the first tournaments of the season, the Patterson B always held in mid October, may now get promoted to Open Division, NRT, and PCQ.

Second, some of the former Region 1 players from Fairfield County will have now to compete in more Region 2 tournaments to be eligible to qualify for President’s Cup play. At the same time Region 2 players will face now stronger competition. President of Region 2 Rob Coster is working on changing some rules in this regard for both men’s and women’s teams.

This is also a big news back in land of Canadian born National Champions Parsons-Stulac. A part of their home land will also be added to Region 2.

At the annual meeting four new directors were elected to their first term: George Douaire, Rich Green, John Noble and Courtia Worth; while Tim Mangan and Paul Wiggin were re-elected for their second term. More details of the meeting will soon be released by the APTA.

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Patricio Misitrano