After the huge success of a recent article titled “The 10 Mistakes That Paddle Players Make When Playing Paddle” we decided to add a few more items to the list. That article was was viewed but a couple thousand people. Now we are taking it to the next level and we are telling paddle players the are more than 10 mistakes they make. Do you agree?
  1. They try to hit winners. Unless your name starts with Johan and ends in du Randt, do no try to hit winners.
  2. They don’t shift at the net. Your only excuse not to play thirds is if your are 120 years of age. Old school paddle is old. Shifteage!
  3. They hit forehand volleys. Yeah, they are fun… but not good for paddle.
  4. They don’t embrace the lob. A lob will hit is the most offensive shot in paddle. Deep and high lobs sets up your offense every time.
  5. They make too make mistakes. Paddle is a game of errors, don’t make them.
  6. They volley cross courts. This is not pickeball people! Even if you are a top player, do not hit angles.
  7. They are stubborn to learn the right way. “This is not how I play!” Why would you continue playing the same way when you keep losing? Who knows…
  8. They “hit” their volleys. Unless your name begins with Jared and ends with Palmer, do no try to hit your volleys. Simply let the ball come to your paddle.
  9. They never take lessons. Want to get better? Then take lessons with a USPTA/PPTA certified instructor!
  10. They foot fault and get upset when someone calls them on it. Yes, they do! That is not good sportsmanship and still cheating.
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