Acouple of weeks ago we posted an article titled “The 10 Mistakes That Tennis Players Make When Playing Paddle.” It was a huge success and was viewed but a couple thousand people. Now we are taking it to the next level and we are telling paddle players what are the top 10 mistakes they make.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that paddle players make when playing paddle:

  1. They fault when serving. Just get the point started, even if you don’t hit the serve to hard.
  2. They miss their returns. Either into the net or out of bounds. It is key to get the point started, even if you have to lob or block every return.
  3. They miss overheads. The right amount of overheads you should miss in a match is zero! Let the ball bounce and play from the back court if your opponent hit a great lob.
  4. They change the direction of the ball way too often when playing the net. Pick and stick, rings a bell? It happens to top national teams too!
  5. They smash the overhead down. Juts like tennis players, paddle players also smash the ball down. It is fun! But… it creates opportunities for your opponents to drive off the deck.
  6. They play too far from the net. When is it a good time to play off the net? When you think that your opponents will lob. Otherwise, play right on top of the net. 
  7. They get frustrated when their partners make mistakes. If your opponents “pick and stick,” all you can do is hope your partner pulls a “Johan” and wins the point. Otherwise grab a chair a enjoy the view.
  8. They miss balls off the wires. They don’t look like a pretzel tennis player but they don’t take their time and wait for the ball to come to them. Like hall of famer to be Michael Gillespie says, “one mistake off the wire is one too many.”
  9. They drive into the net. Yes, we’ve all heard it: “never drive into the net. Give your opponents a chance to miss their volleys.” Well, don’t do it!
  10. They foot fault. Please don’t foot fault. That is cheating!
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