For the lucky ones who witnessed the men’s final at the 2015 Chicago Nationals played yesterday, they were in for one for the ages. The table was set: 1 vs 2, 2 vs 1. Du Randt-Parsons vs Broderick-Palmer, a new rivalry has began.

The score was incidental. A 6-0, 5-7, 6-0 doesn’t really tell the entire story… or does it? Before Chicago these were clearly the best two teams in the country, with Du Randt-Parsons riding an impressive 50+ matches won to only one match lost since they began playing together over three years ago at the 2011 Long Island Invitational. Broderick-Palmer began their partnership this season at the 2014 Patterson Open and were clearly the second best team in the country up until yesterday.

They last faced each other was three weeks ago at the Philly Open. In that match Jared Palmer showed incredible improvement in the first set and was the best player on the court. In the second and third it was more of the same after the South African-Canadian duo lose a set: they took it to a whole new level and won the match 6-7, 6-0, 6-2.

Although some clearly not so good at forecasting matches had the Americans losing before the final, Broderick-Palmer put on a paddle clinic. AND WON! Fans were in awe at the amazing defense turn into offense off the wires that the former 2001 Wimbledon dubs champ displayed. Some say that you can’t beat Du Randt-Parsons from the back court. Broderick-Palmer beat them from the back and from the net. Palmer’s lobs and footwork kept the balls high and deep while Broderick played flawlessly off the deck and the wires.

At the net the ooooohhs and aaaahhhs were the common sounds after the defending champs kept driving and driving at the Americans. It took Du Randt a set to find his rhythm off the deck and his drives started to hurt. Parsons’s backhand and hard driving overheads into the nick were not nearly as effective as they have been since he arrived at the top of the game back in Cinci 2009.

Silence was the common denominator among the 1,821 fans in attendance, after Broderick-Palmer won the first set. Everyone was expecting the defending champs to “start” playing. Everyone but their opponents.

The level and excitement of the second set was incredible. Lots of offense coming from Du Randt-Parsons while Palmer played brilliantly in the deuce corner. When it was Broderick-Palmer at the net, they literally became a wall that volleyed everything that came their way. Broderick, a former UConn tennis standout, played asaggressively as anyone can remember and finished a lot of points with his cut overheads and drop shots. Palmer seemed to be wanting hard drives to come at him so he could volley. After losing the second set by 7-5 fans once again expected the end to be the same as in the past: Du Randt-Parsons winning. Broderick-Palmer had other plans.

A 6-0 in the third sealed the deal. A new pair of sheriffs in the paddle world have arrived. Click HERE to take a look at their last point and how the new champs celebrated.

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