Including the 2015 Philly Open, he has played in nine tournaments with nine different partners this season. His partner normally dumps him and the rumor has it it has something to do with his tight sweat pants from the 70’s! Even partners he won tournaments with are hesitant to play with him again. When questioned, Morneau refused to answer and simply said: “No comment.”

The reality is that besides being considered the most underrated player in paddle as well as one of the nicest and most social guys, Jeffrey Morneau has played with players from all over the world, including: Johan Du Randt, Todd Hiscox, Michael Stulac, John Hughes, Naren Dhamodharan, and Patricio Misitrano, among many. In Philly Morneau played with Trevor Spracklin.

If you receive a call from a 413 number make sure you already have a partner as he is a lawyer by trade and very good at convincing people and telling when you do not really have a partner! The rumor has it he has called almost everyone to have them as a partner and it has not been easy to turn him down as he is like a little pitbul and can sense weakness! If he has not called you yet don’t feel bad, the call will come so be ready.

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