If you ever played in Rochester you know that Sandra and Fritz Odenbach really care about everyone having a good old time. 2014 was no excuse and the party continued well into the night.

Oh, yes. They also played paddle. The Women’s draw saw New Yorkers Carrie Rabuse and recently mom Kerri Delmonico beat dangerous Pittsburgh floaters Fran Bolanis and Sarah Stallings 6-3, 6-2. Delmonico-Rabuse reconquered the title they won back in 2012.

The Men’s draw had a first-time NRT champs.¬†Ajay Khurana and Mike Wagner defeated Steve DeRose and Mark Ruppert 7-6, 6-3 to pick up the first National Ranking Tournament. This Rochester win helped them crack the top 20 in the Nationals Ranking at #20.

Click HERE to check out all scores from the Men’s Draw.

Click HERE to check out all scores from the Women’s Draw.


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