2014_FCPTL_D1_Final_Court_ViewAs APTA and FCPTL Board Member Steve Caccam likes to say: “The Fairfield County Platform Tennis League is home to the largest one-day tournament in the world.” Well, there is nothing new with Steve’s statement. The FCPTL has been running the Paul Fowler Invitational for 25 years now. How many teams play in it? 112. In one day? YES!

WOW, these guys must be very organized. That is an understatement when you have 224 players participating in a paddle tournament that starts at 8:00am and ends by 6:00pm in the same day. Ten hours of non stop paddle. Here are some facts about the tournament:

  • There are 7 Divisions (brackets) with 16 teams each
  • The tournament is open to players who participated in the 2013-2014 FCPTL season.
  • Morning play consists of matches played at fourteen (14) sites while during afternoon play nine (9) sites are used.
  • Twenty eight (28) teams are crowned champions by the end of the day, which means that fifty six (56) guys take home championship hardware.
  • One hundred and twelve (112) matches are played during the tournament.

If you are one of the 224 players who had the opportunity to play in the tournament you are a lucky guy. The event was played yesterday and ended up with the Main Draw finals for Divisions 1-4 at the Country Club of New Canaan. A little delay in the D1 final made for an unexpected congregation of absolutely everyone watching the D1 match until the third set tie breaker. Who won? Stay tuned for all scores, writeup and results to be on our site very soon!

Click HERE to watch a clip from the D1 finals.

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