FCPTL_LogoOn the PGA Tour, Saturday is referred to as Moving Day as it’s a golfer’s chance to move either up or down the leaderboard. Week 13 in the FCPTL is likewise Moving Day as it usually is when promotions up and demotions down the divisions are decided. Below is a recap of the key final match-ups and the final results for each division. (Please note that these results are unofficial and based on the writer’s analysis. Please contact the FCPTL for official results.)

Also, Saturday February 8 is the year-end Paul Fowler Invitational tournament. 112 teams will battle in 16-team draws across 7 divisions in the single largest one-day tournament in the country. The Finals Party will begin around 2:30 pm at the Country Club of New Canaan. Come out and watch some great platform tennis with some food and drink to boot.

Division 1

Wilton Y 1.A had clinched the division title the prior week, as had Middlesex 1.A with their demotion to Division 2. The only race left to decide was the second relegation spot. Woodway CC 1.A entered the weekend occupying the unwelcome second spot. They helped their cause by defeating Rowayton 1.A by a score of 3-1. However, Country of New Canaan 1.A managed to get 1 point against Rowayton 1.B, which should enable to stay in Division 1 via a divisional tiebreaker.

Division Title: Wilton Y
Division Demotion: Middlesex, Woodway CC

Division 2

Wilton Y 2.B made it two banners for their club by taking a 3-1 win over Roxbury 2.A and clinching the divison title. Stamford Yacht controlled their own destiny for promotion to Division 1 and likewise, took care of business with a 4-0 sweep of Wilton Y 2.D. In the demotion race, Greenwich CC 2.A did all they could to avoid relegation by sweeping last-place New Canaan FC 2.B. However, Burning Tree CC’s 4 team of Ray D’Erasmo and Jeff Farber came back from losing the first set 6-0 to take the third set 7-5 and gave Burning Tree a 2-2 tie with Round Hill 2.A and the necessary point needed to stay in Division 2.

Division Title: Wilton Y 2.B
Division Promotion: Stamford Yacht Club
Division Demotion: Greenwich CC, New Canaan Field Club

Division 3

Wee Burn CC 3.C needed a single point against Tokeneke 3.B to secure the division title which they easily got with a 3-1. Wilton Riding Club 3.A likewise needed 2 points to secure their move to Division 2 and also got the job done with a 3-1 win over Stamford Yacht 3.B. The race to avoid demotion was extremely tight going into the last weekend with 6 teams within 4 points of each other. However, in the end, the two teams that entered the weekend in the danger zone, Wee Burn CC 3.B and Roxbury 3.B, stayed there as they could only manage 2-2 ties versus Woodway 3.B and Wilton Y 3.E when they needed to win outright.

Division Title: Wee Burn CC 3.C
Division Promotion: Wilton Riding Club
Division Demotion: Wee Burn CC 3.B, Roxbury

Division 4

As noted last week, the Division 4 division title between Aspetuck Valley CC 4.A and Darien Town 4.C was neck and neck even down to the games coming into the final weekend. Neither team was willing to give an inch and both teams swept their opponents, Lake Club 4.C and Greenwich CC 4.B respectively. With the final results a complete tie, it looks like there might be multiple banners presented this season in Division 4. Standing in the way of Darien Town for the league title had a second consequence for Greenwich CC 4.B, as the sweep ensured that they would join Wilton Y 4.G in Division 5 next year.

Division Titles: Undecided
Division Promotion: Darien Town, Aspetuck Valley
Division Demotion: Greenwich CC, Wilton Y 4.G

Division 5
While Weston Field Club 5.A clinched the division title the prior week, 5 teams were separated by only 3 points in the race for the 2nd promotion spot. New Canaan CC 5.C entered the weekend holding the second spot but faced division leader Weston FC and could only manage a 2-2 tie. The tie now opened the door for Rowayton 5.F and Stanwich 5.A, who took advantage with sweeps against Stamford Yacht 5.C and New Canaan FC 5.D respectively, to move ahead of New Canaan CC. Rowayton and Stanwich finished tied for 2nd with 32 points, however, Stanwich appears to have earned the trip to Division 4 by virtual of the tiebreaker. The bottom of the standings were just as tight with 5 teams separated by 3 points. The sweep by Rowayton over Stamford Yacht guaranteed their relegation. Stanwich’s sweep of New Canaan FC opened the door for Milbrook 5.C to jump ahead of them if they could earn 3 points. Fortunately for New Canaan FC, Milbrook could only manage a 2-2 tie versus Wilton Riding 5.B and thus are safe for another year.

Division Title: Weston Field Club
Division Promotion: Stanwich Club
Division Demotion: Milbrook, Stamford Yacht

Division 6

Division 6 had the least amount of drama last week. Darien Town 6.D had dominated the division and already clinched the title a week earlier. Silver Spring CC 6.A only needed a single point again Middlesex 6.E to earn the 2nd promotion spot and had little trouble getting it with an eventual sweep. Burning Tree CC 6.B had already earned the trip to Division 7, so only the 2nd relegation spot had any tension around it. While 6 teams were within 4 points of each other, Lake Club 6.E entered the weekend needing to make hay. While New Canaan CC 6.D and Middlesex both lost to give Lake a window of opportunity, Lake failed to convert as a 3-1 loss to Tokeneke 6.C has them joining Burning Tree.

Division Title: Darien Town
Division Promotion: Silver Spring CC
Division Demotion: Lake Club, Burning Tree CC

Division 7

With no relegation races in play, the focus was squarely at the top of the division standings last weekend. The top 2 teams, Innis Arden 7.A and Belle Haven 7.A, squared off and it was a precursor to the Super Bowl to be played later that day. Innis Arden romped to a 4-0 victory and took the Division 7 banner. New Canaan Town 7.C swept Stamford Yacht 7.D to catch Belle Haven with 39 points. However, it appears that New Canaan Town may capture the 2nd promotion spot with a head to head tie breaker during their regular season matchup over Belle Haven.

Division Title: Innis Arden
Division Promotion: New Canaan Town

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