2012_Philly_D1_ChampsThe battle of the “W’s” lived up to all the hype around the match. The match came down to the final set between newly called up team from D2 Bassett and Yeakel from Waynesborough against Wallingford’s newly called up D2 team Powell and Johnston.

Bassett and Yeakel won their second consecutive victory in D1 to secure the 2 points for Waynesborough, although due to some scoring brain cramps, were forced to win the same match twice. Martins-1 pulls of an upset over H-Valley as Falatek and Brook seem to be unbeatable at this point as they only yielded 2 games in total in the first two sets over Davis and Seese.

Martin’s win coupled with Waynesborough’s win keeps them just a single point out of a play-off spot with three weeks to go. Aronimink holds onto their third place spot with their win over P-Cricket.

P-Cricket’s only win on the court was on #3, where Andy Addis and Jeff Rexford to the first two sets over Craft and Farley. Its almost unbelievable that only 4 points separates the top 5 spots with three weeks to go. Not a single play-off spot is locked up and all teams in the Top 6 will need to field their play-off ready squads if they want a spot.

Top 6 Standings

H-Valley- 23 pts (Wall, Wayne, Aron)

Wallingford – 22 (HV, P-Cricket, Martins)

Aronimink – 21 (Way, Martins, H-Valley)

Waynesborough – 20 (Aron, H-Valley, P-Cricket)

Martins Dam – 19 (P-Cricket, Aron, Wall)

P-Cricket – 14 (Martins, Wall, Wayne)

The bottom half is nearly decided as Vic Mead is officially playing in D2 next season and Merion needs to win their last three matches and needs a lot of help to get out of the bottom 2. Kennett pulled off a huge win this week over Vic Mead without Pogonyi as they were able to secure courts 2, 3, and 4 for the 2 points and essentially locked Vic Mead out of any potential chance of catching anyone in the third to last place spot.

Vic Mead season appeared to be doomed from the outset as they lost 2 of their best players due to injury and a temporary leave before the season began. D2 has become so strong; there are no guarantees that we will see them back in D1 after next season. Martins-2 pulled off a mild upset and further put them out of harm’s way as they took down Overbrook in a tie-breaker of games. Overbrook once again won courts 1 and 2 but could not hold the lead as courts 3 and 4 for MD won 5 out of 6 sets to secure the 2 points for Martins-2.

Overbrook for the year has won 22 out of 26 matches on courts 1 and 2, but has only won 6 matches out of 26 on courts 3 & 4. Merion’s loss to Greenville now puts them in a position in which they MUST win their last three matches and either Martins-2 or Kennett cannot earn a single point in order for them to stay out of the bottom 2. While this sounds daunting, it’s not impossible and there is still money being placed on a miraculous finish for the squad to possibly surpass Kennett.

Standings for Bottom 6

Greenville – 18 (MD2, Ovb1, Kenn)

Overbrook – 14 (Kenn, Green, VM)

Martins2 – 12 (Green, VM, Merion)

Kennett – 12 (Ovb, Merion, Green)

Merion – 6.5 (VM, Kennett, MD)

Vic Mead – 2.5 (Merion, Martins, Ovb)


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