MAPTA_Ben_FranklinWell we still have two undefeated teams in D1 after 7 weeks which according to our records is a first in MAPTA history (we don’t really keep records but it certainly seems like it). Neither team has lost more than one court in any match since week 1. The two teams go head to head December 19th which most likely will determine the leader of D1 going into the split.

In the match of the week, Wallingford (14pts) took on Aronimink (10pts). On Court 1, the Mike’s dropped their first set to Sorrentino and Pijawka but continued their winning ways by taking sets 2 & 3. The only court that Aronimink would win was on Court 4 where “The Bear” Stefanik teamed up with “Special Sauce” Bozentka over Ed Hughes and Dave Bozentka (Special sauce’s “nicer” brother). Going to be some interesting conversation at the Holiday table at the Bozentka’s this year.

H-Valley (14 pts) and Merion (2pts) went head to head with Merion only taking Court 1. Chas and Jeff Lyon won a tough three setter on Court 1 for Merion over racket professionals Rodney Stewart and Doug Morrow. Merion is in serious need of an intervention if they want to play another season in D1. According to Paddle professional Jonathon Moyer “Still plenty of time to right this ship, no reason to panic, yet.”

Waynesborough (11 pts) was thrilled to make the trip North to witness the newest hut on the D1 circuit. P-Cricket’s (8 pts) hut (and it’s hard to call it a hut anymore) couldn’t have been any more impressive to all the WCC players that were lucky enough to make the trip on Thursday. Unfortunately for P-Cricket, they were not able to hold down a victory on the courts which now has dropped three out of its last four matches but remains tied for the sixth spot in the league. Greg Bowser, P-Crickets Raquets Director stated after the match, “The pressure to get this squad to perform is certainly on me and I feel it like an anvil on my chest. The last thing I want to do is pull another (Andrew) Hocker up here!” Waynesborough is now tied in 3rd place and plays Martins-1 next week to break the tie.

Martins1 (11 pts) split in courts with Greenville (8pts) and win the tie breaker in sets. The newly crowned #2 team of Beirne and Nofer for MD1 got “Zinked” with his partner Mark Manning. This was the 5th consecutive week that Greenville pointed and now places them in a tie for sixth place. The win for MD1 coupled with Aronimink’s loss places them in a tie with WCC. 1978’s Disco Champ Jerry Beirne looks forward to the WCC match and he will take on all bettors that him and his partner will at least double the total games won against the WCC 2 court next week (that would be 8 games). Greenville takes on Wallingford next week and their pointing consecutive streak is certainly in jeopardy.

Overbrook (7pts) got their first win 5 weeks over Vic Mead (0 pts). Vic Mead’s has won a total of 2 courts this season, and is averaging only 2 sets won a week. Many are questioning the Leadership of the League as to whether mercy rules need to be in place for future consideration.

Martins-2 (7pts) wins their third match in a row in a tie-breaker of sets over Kennett (5pts). Once again Carter and Doc help seal the victory for the MD2 squad winning their match in the third set over John Twombly and Neil Land. The duo remains undefeated on Court 4 this season. In fact, MD2 has not lost on court 4 the entire season. Each point that Kennett earns in the first 11 weeks could be crucial as they have now opened up a 3 point lead over the second to the bottom placed team.

Standings after 7 weeks (Next three matches)
Wallingford- 14pts (Green, HV, MD1)
H-Valley- 14pts (Aron, Wall, Green)
Waynesborough-11pts (MD1, Kennett, Ovb)
Martins-1-11 pts (Way, MD2, Wall)
Aronimink- 10 pts (HV, P-Cricket, MD2)
Greenville- 8 pts (Wall, VM, HV)
P-Cricket- 8 pts (Ovb, Aron, Kennett)
Overbrook- 7 pts (P-Cricket, Merion, Way)
Martins-2- 7 pts (Merion, MD1, Aron)
Kennett- 5 pts (VM, Way, P-Cricket)
Merion- 2 pts (MD2, OVB, VM)
Vic Mead- 0 pts (Kennett, Green, Merion)

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