APTA_logoA couple of big tournaments already are in the past and the first 2013-2014 ranking came out this morning. With lots of new teams and partnerships that are no longer so after the summer hiatus, the latest ranking is quite interesting.

What’s new at the top? du Randt-Parsons are still #1 but Broderick-Gambino surpassed Arraya-Jonason and got closer to the 2013 nationals champs. Anything else in the top 10? Yes, Derose-Lubow got closer to the top 3 with their final at Charities and Cosimano-LeFevre cracked the top 10 with their climb to #7 after their semis at Atlantic Classic. Right below Derose-Lubow there are nine teams separated by only 26 points (#5 Bancila-Porter to #13 Kahler-Riva). Although some of these teams will no longer play together during the season they remain very close to each other.

At #14 and #15 Caldwell-Cordish and Bredberg-Wilkinson still remain in the top 15 until the next ranking comes out. These two teams will no longer play together during the season and will lose points they earned the previous season. At #16, in the largest leap in the top 30, Mavrin-Misitrano move from #27 to their highest ranking since they started playing together.

Two teams that will probably be among the top 10 after they complete their third tournament together are #23 Grangeiro-Wilkinson and #24 Cochrane-Estes. Grangeiro-Wilkinson has a great showing a few weeks ago at Atlantic (including a straight sets win over Broderick-Gambino) while Cochrane-Estes gave du Randt-Parsons their first (and ONLY) loss in two year this past Saturday in Chicago. Based on their point average they most likely be in the top 10 next time around.

Click HERE to access the full rankings. For the ones who don’t know how the APTA Men’s ranking works, click HERE to learn more. Ranking’s Committee Chairman Ray Crosta practically works full time working on seeding all tournaments and updating the rankings… and this means it takes him a lot of time and prevents him from playing golf. If you happen to see Ray at any of the tournaments or, most likely, on the golf course, simply say thank you!

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