Patterson_Fried_PierceLast year all three draws were full with teams waiting to get in. This year it appears that The Patterson Club Open is going in the same direction. Even before the announcement went out that signups were open three teams have signed up for the tournament: at least one in each one of the three draws.

If you don’t want to miss the “unofficial” opening of the 2013-2014 season clik HERE to find out more. Teams entered in the tournament so far are as follows:


Women’s NRT/PCQ Draw

  1. Roxy Enica – Martina Ondrejkova

Men’s NRT/PCQ Draw

  1. Anton Mavrin – Patricio Misitrano
  2. Mark Fischl – Cory Parr

Men’s B Draw

  1. Jeff Sussman – Charlie Sussman

Top 10 and Top 20 teams for both the men’s and women’s draw have guarateed their presence. Although there is plenty of space now they should not wait too long before is too late.

Are you sure paddle season is in full swing? Yep!
The PPTA Fall Conference is around the corner

Patricio Misitrano