Patterson_Fried_PierceToday is August 25th and the paddle season is in full swing? Bold statement, uh! For once, the paddle season never ends. Nationals is always in early/mid March but the season doesn’t end there. There is always the now legendary Wilton Open in Connecticut and the occasionally early April tournament but that is pretty much it. Not really…

You probably by now have heard about this crazy thing paddle players have been doing lately: summer paddle. Well, the reality is that Cleveland, Chicago, Lower Fairfield County, New Jersey and many other cities and towns have been playing paddle non stop this past summer.

As soon as these summer leagues end brand new paddle equipment starts hitting the market; new teams start practicing and planning their tournament schedule; court maintenance is full steam now and club players make sure they save their spots at the next paddle camp.

Some of the first Region 2 tournaments of the 2013-2014 season have began working hard and started taking signups. Don’t believe it? The Slow & Low Classic (September 28th), the Callaway Cup (October 6th), and The Patterson Club Open (October 12th-13th) are ready to go!

It seems like platform tennis is becoming a year round sport these days and no one is complaining. Good news? Absolutely!

The 2nd Annual Callaway Cup is Open for Signups
The Patterson Club Open... Ready, Set, Go!

Patricio Misitrano