It was back in 1968, more precisely during the week of the “US Open”, August 29-September 8, 1968. To give you an idea of how old these ads are, back then was when tennis players “started” to get paid to play and the “US Open” was was called “The Unites States Open Championship” at Forest Hills. That was the beginning of the Open Era in tennis.

“In 1968, commercial pressures and rumors of some amateurs taking money under the table led to the abandonment of this distinction, inaugurating the Open Era… Wipikedia” Actually, the 1968 US Open marked the very FIRST time amateur and professional tennis players played together as part of the same tournament (Pro-Ams don’t count).

Old_Paddle_Magazine_Ad_2We recently got a copy of these advertisements found on the next page to an ad promoting the United States Open Championship. The ad on the picture to the left reads as follows:


No matter the temperature, or the weather, even with snow on the ground, PLATFORM TENNIS
is an exciting year-round activity.


  • Every club can afford it…only nominal investment.
  • Completely maintenance free… only sweep it.
  • There’s always room for it… only needs 31 x ó1.
  • You can start right away… only 5 days to erect.
  • Special hard wood, imported from South America.

Old_Bubble_AdAnd how about this old tennis ad? This one promotes the “unusual” and “unique” bubble design to cover tennis courts without any metal support. Funny, uh!

Photos courtesy of Peter Dampf

Navesink CC Looks for a Racquets Professional
Michael Cochrane, the golfer

Patricio Misitrano