Scott_MansagerBack in 2008 Hall of Famer Scott Mansager wrote a letter to the APTA questioning the “lob bounce out rule,” and proposed to change it. Why? These are his main reasons:

  • Lobbing effectively requires a lot of skill in a 22’ deep court.
  • In warmer weather (above 45 degrees or so) the newer Viking and Wilson balls are bouncing out with some lobs that are hit just a little higher than the height of the lights.
  • The risk/reward for the lobber trying to hit that high/deep lob in warmer weather is not worth it.

Mansager recounts how at the inaugural Premier Cup in 2005 the players voted to override this rule.

“I didn’t notice much of a difference in play. I saw 2 lobs bounce out for winners and that was because one of the players was late for the pre-match instructions and didn’t know about it, and the other did it on purpose at match point (down 0-5).”

Did you know this rule even existed? Do you have an opinion? To read the 8-time National Champion’s entire letter click HERE.

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