2013_Nationals_logoWith only a week until the start of Nationals, everything seems ready to go. In exactly a week from today, the top men will begin competition when they take part in President’s Cup. The women will also compete with the exception of the top 8 teams in the ranking. As PaddleTimes announced back in December, the top 8 men’s teams will be allowed to play P-Cup this season.

Women’s draw will start on Friday, March 8th pretty early: 7:30am. The men’s draw will have the morning off and first round matches will commence at 1:00pm. To check the full schedule click HERE.

Who can win it all? We guarantee you that the winner is on this LIST. Both defending champs, Cynthia Prendergast – Lauren Zink and Drew Broderick – Chris Gambino will look to repeat again the the tri-state area.


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