On their road to Nationals, Ben McKnight and Peter Rose could not have had a better tournament. They defeated Drew Eberly and Brian Uhlien in the final to win the Indy Open. With their 6-1, 6-2 victory they will be seeded in the top 8 going into Nationals.

The 2013 Indy Champs breezed through the quarters until the faced Rob Bakker and Doug Jones. McKnight-Rose had to wait for five hours before their next match. A 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 battle deposited them in the semis to be played on Sunday morning.

In the semis they defeated Alex Bancila  and Peter Berka by 6-2, default. As both Bancila and Berka went to hit an overhead in the middle, Alex hit Peter’s knuckle with his paddle. He tried to continue but couldn’t grip the paddle. With only three weeks until Nationals, hopefully it is not broken.

McKnight and Rose are definitely one of the teams that can win it all in Nationals; and as Alex Bancila posted on his twitter account they deserved to be crowned Indy Champions…

Full results will be available soon.

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