Actually, it is simply a sneak preview… the complete rankings will be posted on the APTA website on Monday, February 11th. Sebastian Bredberg, Eastern States Championship 2012 winner, has achieved the top ranking.

2013 Top 10 2013 APTA Platform Tennis Singles National Rankings
  1. Sebastian Bredberg (CT) 96.90
  2. Ben Stein (NY) 79.50
  3. Enrique Catter (NY) 78.60
  4. Marco Grangiero (NY) 69.00
  5. Nick Bergman (CT) 49.65
  6. Andrea Bonfigli (NY) 48.60
  7. Gerasimos Spyratos (NY) 48.30
  8. Bhaskar Chowdhury (NY) 42.00
  9. Dusty Nelson (CT) 39.00
  10. Chris Post (NY) 33.00
As Roger Knight says,

“Keep playing and it may be you on the list next year!!!!!

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