MAPTA_Ben_FranklinSince last week’s confession article last week got the writer in hot water, this week we are going to stick to the results of week 13.

Let’s start with the Bottom 6

Its official, Huntingdon Valley is now officially the hottest team in all of D1. This week they defeated Merion and have now won 4 straight matches. Their destiny is now on their paddles. Their last three matches are with teams that are below them in the standings. A win in 2 of them clinches another year in D1. Merion’s Jeff Lyon and Jonathon Moyer had a huge win over Sean Seese and Rodney Stewart in a tight three setter. Merion has a somewhat comfortable lead in the bottom six standings to keep pace out of the bottom 2.

Greenville took 3 courts off of P-Country last night, placing P-Country with their backs against the wall for the final 3 weeks of the season. I still would not bet against P-Country creeping out of the bottom 2 over the next 3 weeks though. Greenville’s win stops their two week losing streak and places them in a tie for the second spot in the bottom 6.

P-Cricket makes their statement and maybe Hyde’s Jungle Juice has something to do with it as they took all 4 courts from Picket Post and launched them out of the bottom 2 for the first time in many weeks. Picket Post now owns the cellar to themselves and will most likely need to win out their last three to stay out of relegation at the end of the season.

The Top 6 results have tightened up the standings after week 13

Waynesborough lost their second consecutive match this week against a very determined Overbrook squad. Overbrook’s 1-2 punch was too much for Waynesborough as they took all 6 sets on these courts in route to a 7 sets to 5 victory. Overbook now has 19 points, which places them just 2 points out of a first place tie with Wallingford and Waynesborough. A win over Wallingford next week could place them in first place. Waynesborough has been battered with a rash of travel and injuries that has caused them to lose two consecutive matches for the first time since January 2011.

Wallingford moved into a tie for first place by sweeping Aronimink with 3 of the 4 courts going to the third set. The standings have never been tighter this late in the year in that only 3 points separates 1st place through 5th place with everyone wanting to get into the Top 4 to guarantee a play-off spot.

In the battle at The Dam, Martins 2 won 3 out of 4 courts against their club mates Martins1. Martins-2 is now only 1 point away from a Top 4 spot and they take on Way-1 and their two week losing streak. Captain Dan and Aiden took down the #1 ranked MAPTA player and Martins Head Pro Scott Falatek and Roger Korfmann in a match that will be relived in their minds for many years to come.

Standings – Top 6 (Matches remaining)
Way – 21 pts (MD2, Wal, Arn)
Wal – 21 pts (OVB, Way, MD1)
ARN-19 pts (MD1,MD2, Way1)
OVB-19pts (Wal, MD1, MD2)
MD2-18 pts (Way, Arn, Ovb)
MD1-15.5 pts (Arn, Ovb, Wal)

Bottom 6
Mer-15pts (Pck, PCC, Gre)
HVY-13pts (PCC, PP, PCK)
Gre-13pts (PP, PCK, Mer)
PCK-11pts (Mer, Gre, Hvy)
PCC-10.5pts (HVY, Mer, PP)
PP-9pts (Gre, Hvy, PCC)

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du Randt-Parsons at the top of the Men's National Ranking

Keith Studnick