I apologize for the late entry, but there were matches and division promotions that were not determined until Saturday, 12/22, and then Christmas hit. So, finally after many weather delays, the first semester in the WPTL is complete.  All the stats can be found HERE.

Division 1
Manursing Island Club 1 and Greenburgh 1 finished the half tied for first in d1, each with a record of 25-10. Most teams were making up matches from 10/30 due to hurricane Sandy, and that was the case for MIC1 as they beat Country Club of Westchester 3-2. MIC 1 scored victories at the 1,2 and 5 lines with the number two team in the country, Juan Arraya and Lennert Jonason needing three sets to get the W over Jim Kaufman and Geoff Cochrane at the 1 spot.

GB1 got their second sweep in as many weeks with a 5-0 victory over Bronxville Village 3. This match featured the grisly olD veteran and GB1 captain Peter Dampf coming out of retirement to contribute to his team’s sweep with a win at the 5 line. With the loss, this sends BV3 back to d2. It was fun while it lasted.

In second place, is Bronxville Village 3 after a 4-1 victory over Orienta Beach Club 1. OBC1 got their only victory at the 1 line in a three setter, and remains safely in d1. The final match in d1 saw Flint Park 1 score a surprising 4-1 win over New York Athletic Club 1 and both teams finished the half in the middle of the pack.

Division 2
The promotion mentioned above that took until 12/22 to determine occurred here in division 2. I was a bit premature in my last column anointing Fox Meadow 1 as the winner of d2. Just when it seemed we had heard the last of two division 1 teams from the same town, BV1 and BV3, a feat not seen since the old days with multiple Fox Meadow teams, Bronxville 2 comes along and against all odds, reels off 8 points in the last two matches and noses out FM1 by virtue of the tiebreak.

The upcoming semester again will feature two d1 teams from the same town and again it will be two d1 teams from Bronxville. There must be something in the water in Bronxville. BV2 beat FM1 4-1 securing the tiebreak of head to head score if needed. Sure enough it was needed, as BV2 then beat Scarsdale Village1 4-1, and finished tied with FM1 at 25 points each. Just a word of caution to BV2, the difference between d2 and d1 is dramatic, especially at the top. On the other end, Pelham Country Club 1 is headed down to division 3.

Division 3
As mentioned in last week’s column, Shenorock is headed up to d2 after they jumped out to an early lead, and never looked back. Pelham Country Club 2 is headed down to division 4.

Division 4
Manursing Island Club 2 nosed out Beach Point Club 1 for the promotion in division 4, and is headed up to division 3. The demotion goes to New York Athletic Club 3, while New Rochelle Tennis Club 1 is headed up to d4 after winning division 5 in the first half.


In D1 I was wrong on promotion and wrong on demotion

In D2 I was barely wrong on promotion and way off on demotion

In D3 I got promotion correct but was wrong on demotion

In D4 I got both promotion and demotion correct.

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