With last week’s matches and some makeup matches also having been played, most teams now have five matches in the books. The races for both promotion and demotion are getting tighter and each match left now has huge importance.

Division 1
New York Athletic Club 1 and Manursing Island Club 1 are deadlocked for the division lead with 17 points each. NYAC 1 beat Bronxville Village 3 4-1 on Tuesday night with their only loss coming at the five spot with Ken “the Kat” Katz and Bob Smith securing the win for BV3. The one spot was a much closer match than the score would indicate, if 1 and 1 can be closer than the score indicates. MIC 1 swept Orienta Beach Club 1, without dropping a set. Bronxville Village 1 beat Country Club of Westchester 1 by a 3-2 margin, losing at the top spots, and winning at the bottom. Greenburgh 1 beat Flint Park 1 4-1 to round out the d1 action. The demotion race has bv3 in the lead with FP1 and Orienta dangerously close.

Division 2
Fox Meadow 1 remains on top in division 2 after a 5-0 sweep of Scarsdale Village 1. Siwanoy Country Club 1 is a close second after a 3-2 victory over Scarsdale Golf Club 1. Bronxville Village 2 and Larchmont Yacht Club 1 are bunched in the middle after the two faced off and BV2 came out on top 3-2. The final match in d2 has yet to be recorded. The demotion race here has Pelham Country Club 1 in the lead(rear) with SV1 close by.

Division 3
Shenorock remains on a mission, and scored a 4-1 win over Wykagyl Country Club 1, winning all but the 4 line. New York Athletic Club 2 and Century Country Club are hanging around near the top of the division after NYAC2 beat CCC 4-1. On the other end, Pelham Country Club 2 lost 4-1 to Larchmont Shore Club 1 and is in serious danger of demotion with only 2 points this semester. Finally, Greenburgh 2 swept Larchmont Yacht Club 2 5-0.

Division 4
Manursing Island Club 2 and beach Point Club 1 are fighting it out for the promotion in d4. MIC 2 swept Bronxville Village 4, while BP 1 scored a 3-2 victory over Ardsley Country Club 1. The demotion race pits White Plains 1 against New York Athletic Club 3. WP1 lost 3-2 to Bronxville Field Club 1 and NYAC3 lost 3-2 to Orienta Beach Club 2.

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