Sandy can slow the D1 squads down, but the matches continued!

Merion stands alone at the top of the D1 standings. They won in a tie breaker of games over Wallingford. It appears the Court 4 match which pitted Merion’s Brian “I never miss” Crochiere with Doug Morrow against Wallingford’s Andy Lewis and Felix L’Armand was the difference as Brian and Doug only lost three games in the match.

We are going to have to go into the archives a dig out the last time that Merion has been undefeated for 4 weeks alone and atop of the D1standings. Next week’s match against a very hungry Waynesborough squad could be the true defining moment of this early part of the season.

Aronimink defeated Huntingdon Valley with a complete sweep of all four courts, placing them tied for second with Wallingford and Martins Dam 2. On court 1, the veteran Andrew Sorrentino teamed up with Parker Sherry and took the first two sets off of Trip and Rodney before dropping the third set.

Once again, Martins-1 drops court 1 with Scott Falatek and Roger Korfmann losing this week to Todd and Simon but they still pull out the victory winning the three other courts. Donches and his monkey “Brian Aguilar match was the difference as they took the third set to secure the victory over a very capable and dangerous Donoho and Manning duo. This team is a complete mystery and rumor has it that there will be some blood testing in the near future for Martins-1.

How is it that they can lose the Pickleball champion Dan Wheeler for the season and Falatek loses all four of his matches and yet they are one point out from the top of the leader board. Greenville on the other hands needs whatever the Martins boys are taking as they have only earned a single point this season. Do I hear a new assistant pro waiting in the wings at the Greenville confines???? The rules committee has oficially pulled Falatek from the Vlatko and Falatek rule. Scott is now free to play in any division he chooses.

Picket Post is appearing to be real contenders in D1 this season as they earn a point for the third consecutive week. Overbrook won the match taking courts 1 and 2 with Tom Burt and Steven Hall teaming up and taking all three sets from McAvoy and Hissey. There is no surprise here as the Hissey/Mcavoy duo as well as the rest of the picket post squad has been partying all week after their hard fought first victory.

Waynesborough bounces back from their loss last week and wins 11 out of the 12 sets from Martins-2. Captain Dan stated after the match “This match was unwinnable from the start. You never want to be the team that plays WCC after a loss especially to a team like picket post. I told my guys to wear a cup and some body armor so that we each can make it off the court safely and live to play next week.”

Noticeably Captain Safford was missing for the third straight week but someone how being replaced by Vlatko did not hurt the squads chances of winning.

P-Country earns their first victory of the season in defeating P-Cricket in a complete sweep. Many were worried about the fates of these two teams as they have been hovering near the bottom 2 all season. Key injuries to both squads are going to make it difficult to get into the Top 6 and H-Valley and Picket Post are keen to stay up for more than a season.

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