We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s story about James Blake and Todd Martin teaming up for the 2013 Nationals. It was was an April Fool’s Day gag. It was 100% fictitious and 110% fabricated.

Some of you sharp-eyed readers caught the clue in the title (the first letters of each word in the title spells out “APRIL FOOLS”). Others caught the reference at the end to Hayden “Sidd” Finch, the subject of one of the most famous April Fools Day hoaxes ever: a 1985 piece that ran in Sports Illustrated, written by the inimitable, late George Plimpton. One reader even noted that James Blake and Sidd Finch both went to Harvard.

We want you to know that we value the relationship that we have with you, our hundreds of readers and subscribers. We recognize that you visit our site on a regular basis throughout the platform tennis season and trust us to deliver to you the very latest news in our sport. And for that, we are grateful. You have our pledge that it will be a VERY, VERY LONG TIME before you see another post on PaddleTimes that we don’t believe is 100% true and 110% authentic.

Until that time, you can always say that you were among the first to read the very first PaddleTimes April Fools Day gag.

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