Besides being home to some of the best players in the country such as Mark Parsons, Mike Cochrane, Juan Arraya, Brad Easterbrook, Lennart Jonason, and Jared Palmer, just to name a few, Fairfield County is also home to the largest men’s one-day tournament in the country.

The Paul Fowler Invitational features 112 teams that will battle this coming Saturday, February 4th divided in seven different divisions. The tourney will be played in fourteen clubs at the same time. Sixteen teams on each division will play to be crowned at this prestigious event. If you are interested in watching the finals, divisions 1 through 4 will played at the Country Club of New Canaan starting at 2:30pm.

Last year’s champions were as follows:

  • Division 1 – Ken Dardis – Max Lepivert (Stanwich Club)
  • Division 2 – Junius Clark – Marl Warnken (Darien Town)
  • Division 3 – Jack Dowdle – Jon Speare (Lake Club)
  • Division 4 – Christian Toft-Nielsen – Jared King (New Canaan Town)
  • Division 5 – Kurt Schneider – Nick Stevenson (Wilton Riding Club)
  • Division 6 – Scott Giofree – Stephen Ramirez (Redding Country Club)
  • Division 7 – Ben Adams – Brad Mahaney (Darien Town)

To learn more about the FCPTL click here.

Wild West(chester) - Week 3
DuRandt-Porter win the Boston National Open

Patricio Misitrano