They played five matches and only lost 10 games! Maybe their secret is not to play that often and only focus their energy in the tournaments. Who are we talking about? No other than Jerry Albrikes and Jeff Morneau.

This last weekend, Jerry and Jeff played (or should we say cruised?) the Peachtree Invitational and won the tournament without dropping a set. The “warm” southern weather did not affect the champs at all. The temperature reached mid 60s on Saturday and was in the high 50s on Sunday.

In the finals Albrikes-Morneau beat Steven Garelek and Brian O’Connor 6-2, 6-1 to win their second tourney in a row. They also won the Connecticut Classic back in November. Will they play together in Boston this coming weekend? Everything seems that way but the competition should be much tougher this time.

To check all the results of the Peachtree Invitational click here.

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