The 2012 Big Daddy Cup was originally scheduled for January 27th @ Fox Meadow. However, the Boston National NRT & the Fairfield County League tournament are scheduled for the next day. The next date has been set for Friday, February 10th in the same location.

What’s the Big Daddy Cup? Is a one-day event of teams consisting of players from Region 1 and Region 2 with the combined age of 95 or more. Six teams from both regions play a round robin in the morning for points and to determine the seeding for the head to head afternoon match.

Last year, Region 1 took Region 2 to the cleaners for their 1st win ever. Region 2 President Rob Coster has been recruiting heavily in Fairfield County and helping out Captain Dan McCormick. They believe they can regain the cup in 2012. Coster said to PaddleTimes:

I don’t expect Region 1 to win again anytime soon. Captain Dan McCormick will select this years team with the emphasis of crushing Region 1.”

Hartford was the home of the 2011 Big Daddy Cup and Region 1 showed up with guys named Michael Cochrane and Mike Gillespie, just to name a few. Odds of Region 1 retaining the Cup again this year? Some people say that they are worst than the Jets ever winning the SuperBowl.

Marino-Schmidgall take down the Midwesterns
(Canadian) mixed rocks!

Patricio Misitrano