Just like in 2011 and in 2010, Sheri Shea and Juan Arraya dominated the Connecticut State Mixed and won the tournament without dropping a set. Their feat was not an easy one. Why? Because the Open draw probably was the strongest draw in years. The #1 and #2 women in the nation did not make it passed the quarter finals.

Sheri and Juan defeated the #2 seeded team of Susan Lovejoy and Sebastian Bredberg in two close sets. The final score of 6-4, 6-4 reflects how the 3-time champions did not have it easy but were still able to pull through a tough win.

Arraya also organized the tournament for third year in a row. After losing to Shea-Arraya in the quarters with partner paddle ace Varun Vasudeva, multiple National Champion Connie Jones said:

Congrats on running it and winning it also, not an easy task.”

All other finals include:

Open Draw Quarters Reprieve :: Dardis-LePivert def. C. Jones-Vasudeva
Open Draw 16 Reprieve :: Lum-Rhazali def. Truslow-Clarke
Open Draw Consolation :: Hoelzer-Manges def. Brossy-L. Jones
Open Draw Consolation Reprieve :: Dillon-Paret def. Guthrie-Lipinski

B Draw Main :: Howe-Lawton def. Mueller-Mueller
B Draw Reprieve :: Kriskey-Larson def. Toft-Nielsen – Toft-Nielsen
B Draw Consolation :: Enica-Kempenich def. Tregellas-Tregellas
B Draw Consolation Reprieve :: Whiterbee-B. Quinn def. Duran-Duran

Check out the Open Draw here.
Check out the B Draw here.

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