With 8 weeks down and three weeks to go to complete the first half of the season, there are 7 teams that are within 2 points of each other competing for 3 spots to finish into the top 6. The #4 team of Martins-2 keeps their undefeated streak going as well as the #1 team of Martins 1.

Wallingford bounced back from their loss last week to hold their spot on top of the division with a win over Kennett. The only court that Kennett was able to put in the “W” column was on court 4 as Jon Felter and Tom O’Nell won in straight sets over Ray Johnston and Tom Huestis.

Waynesborough has continued their path of destruction, this week dismantling Martin-2 and not dropping a single set on Courts 1-3. Captain Tom, determined to take down the undefeated and pesky squad of Brian Aguilar and Jerry Bernie strategically placed him self on court 4 with flu-ridden Keith Studnick. Unfortunately, this strategy backfired as the undefeated team from Martins won a tough three setter including a final 7-5 third set. Captain Tom stated after his match “My game has no business being on court 4 and that just proves it”. These guys do some things that never happens on Court 1 and clearly the other three on the court were OK with that. I am proud that my squad continues to improve each week and happy that I could let Oberly play in the first court again before the end of the year.”

Forced to default a court, Aronimink could not pull out a victory against P-Cricket. A battle ensued on court 1 in which Andrew Sorrentino and Pete Pijawka pulled out a tough three setter over Larry Hyde and Bruce Redpath. The two points for P-Cricket could prove to be huge as their 8 total points now puts them in the hunt for a top six spot.

Martins-1 took three courts from Overbrook with wins on three courts. On Court 1, Scott Falatek teamed up with Fazal Syed and took the first two sets off of Tom Burt and John Adams before dropping the third set. In what can only be called the Upset of the Season, Pickleball Champion Dan Wheeler and Greg Donches defeated Steven Hall and Andrew Tomson. An official review is underway as it appears the odds of this victory is comparable to being struck by lightening twice. The payout in Vegas for people betting on this tandem was 1,000,000 to 1 and only two people that made this bet are located somewhere in the Philly Area. Stay tuned for the results of the investigation.

Merion took all four courts from Vic Mead this week, giving them 9 points and also putting them in the middle of the Top 6 hunt. Vic Mead is going to have to step up their games for the remainder of the season, as their total of two points will likely cause them to drop to D2 next season. No one is counting them out though as there is still 7 weeks to play before the end of the season.

After losing 4 of the last 5 weeks, P-Country won a well earned and fought battle with Greenville in a tie breaker of games, giving them also 8 points and a shot at making it into the Top 6.

Standings after 8 Weeks – Matches Remaining

Wallingford – 15 pts (Merion – Pcricket – Overbrook)
Waynesborough – 15 pts (Kennett – Merion – Pcricket)
Aronimink – 11 pts (Overbrook – Martins1 – Vic Mead)
Martins-1 – 10 pts (Greenville – Aronimink – Martins2)
Greenville – 10 pts (Martins1 – Martins2 – Kennett)
Martins-2 – 9 pts (PCountry – Greenville – Martins1)
Merion – 9pts (Wallingford – Waynesborough – Pcountry)

P-Cricket – 8 pts (Vic Mead – Wallingford – Waynesborough)
P-Country – 8 pts (Marins2 – Kennett – Merion)
Kennett – 8 pts (Waynesborough – P-Country – Greenville)

Overbrook – 6 pts (Aronimink – Vic Mead – Wallingford)
Vic Mead – 2 pts (PCricket – Overbrook – Aronimik)

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Hinsdale Challenge, in the hands of Marino-Schmidgall
The game is doing well!

Keith Studnick