Just like in the last two tournaments he participated in, Johan Du Randt, partnering this time with Todd Hiscox, won the New England Open. They defeated Matt Dana and Bill Power 7-6, 6-4 in the final match.

So far this season Johan has played six tournaments with five different partners: Rhode Island Open with Everett Barnhall (finished 5th), Atlantic Classic with Matt Porter (lost in the semifinal), Connecticut Classic with Karl Levanat (lost in the final), Sound Shore with Matt Porter (won), Long Island Invitational with Mark Parsons (won), New England Open with Todd Hiscox (won).

How many players can say they won three tournaments in one season? Not that many. And how many players can say they have done that in only two months and with three different partners? So far this season only Johan Du Randt can claim he has done it.

As Tournament Director Paul Fairchild told PaddleTimes after the final,

Johan is a class above everybody else.”

The most impressive aspect about Johan’s game is the way he dominates the play. He takes the net whenever he wants and makes his opponents to take more chances and risk. He puts pression into every single one of his shots and forces his opponents to make errors at the net and in the back court.

To reach the semifinals, Johan and rising young paddle star Todd Hiscox defeated Jeff Morneau and Leo Power in straight sets while Matt Dana and Bill Power took down Paul Fairchild and Alex Seiler 6-3, 6-7, 7-5 in a three hour marathon.


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